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Being involuntarily childless is very stressful for most of those affected. Having a (further) child is part of the life plan of many women and men, and if their desire for children is not fulfilled, many couples seek medical help at some point.

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Fertility problems are referred to in medicine as “infertility” if a couple has had regular sexual intercourse for a year without contraception

What are the causes?

Statistically, fertility disorders are distributed 30 to 40 per cent respectively between women and men. In 20 to 30 per cent of couples, disorders are found in both partners. In about 10 to 15 per cent of cases, the cause of infertility remains unclear.


In women, the predominant causes are hormonal imbalances, which result in functional disorders of the ovaries or a disturbance in the maturation of eggs. Possible reasons for such functional and hormonal disorders are being severely underweight or overweight, major weight changes within a short period of time, excessive physical exertion, frequent, highly acute stress or the use of certain medications.

The most common male fertility disorder is that not enough intact and motile sperm cells are produced.

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How can a nutrition practitioner help?

Diet and lifestyle have a profound effect on a couple’s ability to conceive. The fertility of both women and men can benefit from proper nutrition. Stress is a major factor in the fertility of men and women. Stress hormones send the messages that you are on the run, which is not a suitable time to conceive. A nutrition practitioner will ask questions about your overall health and health history, diet, lifestyle and exercise habits.


They will look at your food diary to see where there may be room for improvement. Your nutrition practitioner will then develop a customised diet and supplement plan that provides the nutrients required to grow a new human being. Both diet and lifestyle changes can help manage stress better and improve hormone balance.

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