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Nicola Ragon-Paxton

I help women and couples to become parents and raise their families in a way that is nourishing and enjoyable.


This starts with helping you get pregnant, working on fertility nutrition to support issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm count and unexplained infertility, and then making sure you have a healthy pregnancy. 


After baby arrives I work with you on your postpartum healing as well as helping unravel any breastfeeding or formula feeding issues with your newborn, including colic, reflux, eczema and suspected allergies.


As baby gets older I can help you with weaning - introducing solids - which can include purees and/or baby-led weaning (BLW) and show you how to introduce a great family diet that's realistic, time saving and amazingly tasty.


My mission is to help women and families to thrive!


As a Mum of two young children, I know as much as anyone how busy life can be, and how tricky it is to make sure that we are ticking all the right boxes to keep everyone healthy and happy. As a registered nutritionist and health coach I've got the tools to help you get there. 


I'm not your regular, bland food, no fun, zero sugar nutritionist; and I'm super proud of it! Yes I believe in the power of food, nutrition and lifestyle changes but certainly not at the expense of a fulfilling life and happy dinner time.


I'm so glad you're here and I hope you'll trust me enough to help you with the next steps on your journey - whether it's for you or your child.


The next step is to book a call with me - we'll have a chat, you can ask me questions and I can help get you moving in the right direction. I'll also be able to tell you how you can work with me going forward.

Nicola Ragon-Paxton

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