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Karen Hooton

Hello, I’m Karen, a holistic fertility specialist.


Are you thinking about starting a family? Or perhaps you have been trying to get pregnant for a while without success? I work with women and men (as well as same-sex couples) to help them get their health in the best possible place to conceive naturally or via assisted conception.


Whether conceiving naturally or with the help of medicine, the journey to parenthood can take a lot out of you and leave you feeling stressed, emotionally drained, and in need of support.


There are many options out there, but with so much choice, finding the right help can get expensive and involve relaying a stressful story to multiple people. You may also find your needs change as you progress through the process; what worked to relax you while trying to conceive may not work as effectively when you are pregnant, for example.


With my integrated approach to fertility, I use a combination of therapies (including nutritional therapy, homeopath, reiki, reflexology and aromatherapy) to support you and your partner in the best way possible at every stage, from pre-conception through to pregnancy, birth and beyond.


I can help:

· You to relax and destress

· Boost your fertility and improve egg and sperm health

· Balance hormones and improve irregular cycles

· Increase effectiveness of medical fertility assistance

· Increase blood flow and boost your circulation

· With insomnia and sleep issues

· Improve your mental health

· Ensure you have healthiest pregnancy possible

· Empower you to have the best birth experience

· Give your baby the best start to life

Karen Hooton


    07712 835998

    0131 261 9044


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