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Julie Gough

I am aBANT registered nutritional therapist and health coach with a lifelong passion and interest in health, wellbeing and fitness. I decided to study nutritional therapy following my own health journey and experience with the Menopause as all that was offered to me was HRT, which due to my family history I did not want to take. In addition it is only a way of controlling symptoms and I wanted to get to the root cause of the problem. I realised that my diet and lifestyle had hugely contributed to my experience in this transitional period and I have, in time, managed to get all of my symptoms under control. 


I now specialise in female health and hormone balancing and working with women who feel that they need to regain control of their hormones and their life. Diet is only one part of the jigsaw and so I work with private laboratories in order to provide a range of functional testing such as hormone profiles, full thyroid panels, B12, iron, folate for energy issues, gut microbiome testing. I only recommend testing where I believe it to be relevant and this is usually discussed with you during the consultation.


I take a very holistic approach to working on a solution for you to regain your health including lifestyle tips, stress management, testing and supplements where appropriate.  


Julie Gough

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