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Helen Joubert

Live a healthy, happy life you love.  


Ditch the diet and take back control of your weight, health & life for good!    Everywhere you turn you’re being sold “quick-fix” plans, “perfect” body shapes and getting incorrect and conflicting advice from all directions that just isn’t helpful.


It’s unrealistic and it’s not real life.  


I gently guide you through the entire process, with a  mix of nutrition know-how, calm coaching, and zero-stress. I work with women just like you, who nearly always never make themselves a priority. It’s time to put your own oxygen mask on first and find your self-confidence once more.


Whether you have some serious health issues that you want to take control of, or want to feel great in your jeans again, I keep you motivated, and you are supported at all times. 


I’m a busy mum of 2, and I get that life, work, friends, family, chores all take over, and sometimes a curry just seems like the quickest, easiest option.   I get it!    I’m here to give you ideas and make small but significant changes to your diet and lifestyle that work for you, that are easy to implement, and that will make a big difference to your health, energy and weight.   


Helen Joubert




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