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Beth Innes

When I was 24 I developed a neurological condition which left me virtually bedridden for almost 8 years. The medical profession had no answers for me, so I turned to alternative therapies. 


It was through my search for answers that I came across Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy.


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy looked at what I could detoxify out of my body as well as what I was putting in. I was able to start clearing out the toxins that were damaging my cells and causing symptoms.


I became so empassioned about naturopathic nutritional therapy that I decided to qualify and completed a practitioner diploma course in nutritional healing with the Nutritional Healing Foundation. The course covered all aspects of nutritional healing from hydration, supplements, diet, Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Elements, utilising nature’s cycles to the safe and effective use of naturopathic detoxification techniques.  


However, my thirst for knowledge was still not quenched, so I completed a further Advanced Practitioner Diploma with them, which included nutrition for pre-conception and pregnancy, heart health, digestive complaints, allergies, addiction, chronic disease and fasting.


Since qualifying in 2015, I have also delved into the world of functional medicine, having completed the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) “Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice” course in 2018. The functional medicine approach is individualised, using lab tests to explore root causes. 


This led me to discover that I had a number of issues causing the neurological symptoms of brainfog, excessive fatigue, bloating, digestive issues and heartburn I had experienced for decades, including SIBO, mould toxicity, Candida, H-Pylori and Lyme Disease. I started to understand why standard nutritionist diets were not working for me and why I was reacting to foods that were seemingly healthy. I was then able to target my approach to start dealing with the root causes of my own health issues.


I have, as a result, undertaken specialist training in SIBO and histamine intolerance with one of the world’s leading experts, Dr Nirala Jacobi and am one of her certified SIBO practitioners. I have also undertaken training with one of the leading world experts in the microbiome, Dr Jason Hawrelak, which has given me a much more targeted approach to the use of probiotics and rebalancing gut bacteria.  


My personal experience of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Functional Medicine has given me the passion I have today to educate, support and empower other people to take control of their health and wellbeing through harnessing food, supplements, detoxification techniques, functional medicine and lifestyle modification in order to activate that innate healing ability every one of us has. I now see clients all over the world, specialising in fatigue and digestive issues.


Beth Innes


    07535 270985


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