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Ailsa Hichens

Is your body letting you down? Do your fat cells seem to take on superpowers while you sleep? Perhaps you look in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened to your body, your life, waistline, confidence, energy or motivation (and possibly all of them at once).  I see you. You're a successful woman who has every other aspect of her life handled and yet this one thing – food – seems beyond your control. And while we're all in lockdown, NOW is the perfect time to fix that. 

I'm Ailsa Hichens, a Registered Nutritional Therapist + Health Coach. I've been there and worn the T-shirt. Now I help women who are struggling with their health, an ever-expanding waistline, and a lack of confidence find their own magic formula to break through what is holding them back – and become the best version of themselves. 

You don't need yet another diet. You need a plan – a way to eat for yourself without worrying about what everyone else is doing – and the accountability and coaching to make it work in your life. Let's talk about what you need to start your transformation and learn to love your body again. 

Ailsa Hichens


    01245 331331



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