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Here are some testimonials from people just like you who have worked with our Nutritionists and experienced amazing results

Nutritionist : Helen Moynihan

Helen Moynihan

Client : Nikki

One of the first things Helen gave me was some fantastic breakfast ideas. Now I hate bananas and eggs, but I LOVE the banana pancakes she asked me to try – I am obsessed with them!  I also eat berries with coconut yoghurt and nuts and chia seeds – things I never included in my diet previously.  I have gone from having no breakfast to finding things that I love to eat. I used to get a lot of stomach pain after eating, would often feel sick, and was constantly wondering “is this food going to affect me”? But now I don’t think about it at all and the pain has gone.  I also suffered from constipation, but Helen introduced me to flax seed and that has completely stopped it.  I waited far too long to try something like this and I would say if in doubt, just go for it.  The programme is absolutely priceless for the results that you can get.

Nutritionist : Awele Anne

Awele Anne

Client : Wendy

When I first saw Awele Anne from Awesco Nutrition, I was struggling to lose weight. Anne suggested going on a dairy, gluten and egg free diet to find out what I was intolerant to. I also limited the amount of fruit intake and increased my vegetable intake. After Anne’s recommendation. I lost over a stone and feel more energised. It has made my diet much more interesting and I enjoy cooking family meals. I would recommend Awele Anne to anyone without any hesitation.

Nutritionist : Kelly Hafner

Kelly Hafner

Client : Lydia

My husband has ulcerative colitis and after his latest flair up, and finding out things internally were much worse than we thought, I knew he had to make a drastic lifestyle change. When his GI doctor said what he eats has no effect on his condition I wanted to scream – I mean, he has a gut disease, how can what he eats have no effect!! Working with Kelly has allowed the functional medicine link we were missing. It has been great for my husband to take control of his disease and understand his body and what it needs. Kelly has been wonderful working with me as well in understanding test results and how I can be supportive in this health journey. We have made dramatic changes – and I have gotten healthier too as a result.

Nutritionist : Magalie Paillard

Magalie Paillard

Client : Michelle

In life, sometimes, wonderful people come into our lives and Magalie is most certainly one of them. She presented herself as a consummate professional and had the warmth and emotional intelligence to put me at ease, permitting me to relax and trust the guidance she shared.   I liked her maturity and sense of humour very much.  I was immediately fascinated by her depth of knowledge on a subject of which I had found challenging over the years. She gave me the kind of support and mentoring I have only experienced in very few top establishments around the globe. The consultations were lively, hugely educational and fun!  The 100% personal attention received from Magalie gave a feeling of being extremely well looked after. Her attention to detail and conscientious approach has restored my health in many areas and I can only continue to thank her by sharing my wellness journey with her to as many people as I can.  She heals your ailments and makes you feel well once again.

Nutritionist : Marie Hick

Marie Hick

Client : Carolyn

I’ve been working with Marie for a few months now and I can honestly say she’s made a huge difference to the way I feel. Every session is tailored to my specific needs and she is always watching very carefully to ensure that each exercise suits me, and that I’m doing it correctly. She’s very knowledgeable and I really do feel in expert hands. I’d recommend Marie to anyone who is looking for a PT who they can really trust. Fantastic!!

Nutritionist : Stacey Lagonell

Stacey Lagonell

Client : Sally

Stacey is the consummate fitness professional. She is technically brilliant and very innovative - she always ensures your repertoire of exercise is balanced to suit your needs and whilst she pushes you, it never feels like she’s pushing you beyond your limits. She is extremely empathetic, will always listen, and tailor a repertoire of exercise to suit you, your body, and level of experience. After every class I take with Stacey, my body feels amazing. I am full of energy and generally feel strong and in great shape. The Zoom classes are the best I have done - these have not only been great during lockdown but now will form a part of my exercise regime moving forward. No more rushing to get to the gym for me - Stacey in my living room is all I need!

Nutritionist : Antonia Maguire

Antonia Maguire

Client : C.G. Sept 2020

Antonia helped me after a diagnosis of diverticulitis & a recommendation from a friend. How fortunate I was to have become her client. From the outset I knew I was in good hands. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I started out as a classic overweight male pressing 109kg on the scales. As an owner of high end restaurants my diet was very rich and simply far too big, coupled with the inevitable stress of the industry I could easily be six foot under right now.


Under careful guidance from Antonia for 8 weeks at the start & a couple of friendly catch up calls over the 18 months since, I am now a happy healthy 92kg with a much more enjoyable diet. It is the last point which means so much to me as I really feel I have gained appreciation for all sorts of foods rather than feeling I have given up anything. And being a bag of cement lighter is a bonus - not least for my joints! I cannot recommend Antonia's services highly enough. Good luck and Bon Appetit! 

Nutritionist : Karen Swindall

Karen Swindall

Client : Eleanor

Karen has helped me in many ways to see and plan a way forward. She has enabled me to understand and accept how stress has impacted my eating habits, sleep and overall wellbeing. By analysing my diet and the supplements I take, she has worked with me to optimise my eating and nutrient intake. The crucial point is that Karen started with where I’m at and has adjusted, tweaked and improved things rather than imposing a new dietary regime that I couldn’t manage. As a result of Karen’s expertise, I feel more in control, more organised and more energised, and my kids are eating more fruit and veg!

Nutritionist : Monica Durigon


Client : Daisy P

Monica has been my nutritionist for the last four years and she helped, both myself and my daughter, through different health goals and challenges. Trusting her knowledge and support, I have decided to take part on this cleanse even though I was daunted by the idea. I expected the cleanse to be very challenging for me. However, Monica has made it so easy for the participants. She paid so much attention to every detail and gave us constant support through the two weeks, easy and delicious recipes to follow and, even a post cleanse support strategy. I did enjoy this journey so much. It was a great sense of achievement to complete it and as a result my skin is now glowing, and I feel happier and more confident in myself. Thank you, Monica

Nutritionist : Christelle Page


Client : Lidia

I recently worked with Christelle to better understand how nutrition could help me manage insulin resistance. Christelle was incredibly approachable and easy to talk to. She listened while I explained my circumstances and offered clear and pragmatic advice on better food choices and how to adapt my eating habits. Christelle is very reliable and she offers a solid programme with plentiful follow ups, always well organised and on time.

Nutritionist : Zaira Ahmed

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 10.13.14.png

Client : Wardar

I visited Zaira after having experienced months of digestive problems. My personalised nutrition programme proved to be invaluable, as I was able to regain control of my body and reduce the undesirable symptoms I was experiencing. I learned more about myself after each consultation and enjoyed following Zaira's detailed nutrition plan. Zaira was very professional and thorough in her approach, as she helped establish a clear picture of how my mental health directly related to my illnesses and physical health. Her friendly and calm nature made me feel comfortable and well-supported throughout the programme. After every consultation, I felt motivated by the steady progress I was making to my lifestyle and diet. The most visible improvements have been the changes in my energy levels and my mood. Zaira has really helped me to reconnect with myself. Now, through my new diet, I understand a lot more about what eating mindfully really means, and the beauty of nutrients and energy that food gives to our body. I even feel more connected with nature! It was well worth the investment in myself.

Nutritionist : Michaela Newsom

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 06.44.25.png

Client : Jenny

Michaela has an amazing ability to explain complex science and deliver it in an understandable manner. My understanding of nutrition, particularly how gut health affects mood has increased dramatically since working with her. She is also one of the loveliest people I have met!

Nutritionist : Nuria Rodriguez

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 10.18.04.png

Client : Anon

Nuria was very understanding and developed a bespoke service for me. I am a little difficult as a client, I don’t cook and I don’t like to spend a long time preparing meals. Nuria responded to my needs by providing the theory, knowledge and a very helpful nutritional plan. Nuria also provided a great range of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner which are fantastic! I really enjoyed working with her and learning more about nutrition to help me make the necessary changes to my diet.

Nutritionist : Ilona Madden

Ilona smiling.jpg

Client : 

I came to see Ilona because I was not happy with my health. I had no energy, was always tired, was not sleeping, and had IBS symptoms. I loved the programme because it was highly informative and Ilona was very supportive. The programme was easy to follow and enjoyable. Ilona was so supportive and there was no judgement if I had a bad day or week. She answered any queries I had and was great at sending me information on recipes, links to exercises etc. I am feeling a lot better. My attitude and knowledge towards food and my overall health have changed. I feel a lot more equipped to cook healthier meals and to deal with any IBS flare-ups. My energy increased so much. I was sleeping better. My nails grew stronger. My mood was so much better. I realised I could still have nice meals but just smarter ways of cooking them. My mood really lifted because I wasn’t as tired all the time. Halfway through my programme with Ilona, I found out I was pregnant. Ilona was so supportive. She helped me tweak my diet so both myself and baby were getting all the right nutrients. I was on supplements Illona had recommended for my IBS symptoms and a multivitamin. I had to stop taking them which I was extremely anxious about as they had really helped control the IBS symptoms and increased my energy etc. Ilona was so helpful in giving me alternative tips and ideas to help with the symptoms, certain foods, teas, meditation links etc. This is my second pregnancy, and I am so happy I was with Illona when I got pregnant. I was so much healthier and happier with my body and health going into this pregnancy and it really helped keep me on track during the pregnancy.  I gained so much weight and my diet was bad with my first pregnancy compared to this one. I would recommend Ilona’s programme to anyone. She is so supportive. Knowledgeable and non-judgmental. I always looked forward to our online sessions. It wasn’t just a nutritional talk; we always had a nice chat too and I always felt so good after it. I cannot wait to do another programme with her after I have the baby.

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