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Training Academy

Building your ideal Nutrition business, one step at a time

You will be given your own access to our training portal with over 60 easy-to-implement shorter online training courses, these are pre recorded, for those who would like to work through these in your own time, and at a pace that suits you.


These expert videos and presentations will take you through our proven marketing formula created for the nutrition professional, giving you a step-by-step methodology, designed to create a to a business full of your ideal clients.

Every month you will have the opportunity to join one or more ‘4 week live Masterclasses’; group training programmes where you will learn essential marketing skills and how to implement them. These 4 week classes cover topics including: Programmes & Packages, Marketing Messages, Social Media, Winning Websites, Money Mindset, Health Coaching (this one is 6 weeks) and many more. You’ll connect with others as part of an interactive group and will be given feedback along the way by the programme leader.

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