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Zoe Thurston

I work in women's health, with a particular interest in menopause and the teenage years - those times of great transition.


Being a peri-menopausal Mum of a teen and a tween, I love to give women and girls extra support because I know there are times when we really need it. I will help to dig down into what is going on with your health through careful questionning and testing where appropriate. I will partner with you to plan workable diet and lifestyle changes, and coach you through embedding them into your life. 


You might not have the knowledge, or perhaps energy or time, to do the research. You might be out of ideas or simply need some motivation to stay on track. You might already be taking a long list of supplements but are no longer sure why or whether they are worth the effort/money.


My job is to help you tackle the health goals you really want to get on top of in a supportive and compassionate way.

Zoe Thurston

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