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Tracy Tredoux

Targeted Transformation


I am a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist and health coach, living and working in London. I specialise in gut health as years of experience has taught me that, whether you present with weight, skin or hormonal issues, allergies, severe anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis or Hashimoto’s, nine times out of ten, something will be wrong with your gut. This will either be the driver of your condition or will be preventing you from getting better. Starting with total gut restoration always fixes one or more fundamental dysfunctions. At the same time, I address the other cornerstones of health – focusing on your diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep and exercise.


When I work with you, my aim will be to empower you to achieve your health potential using a combination of personalised dietary, lifestyle and other strategies together with carefully selected nutritional supplements. I offer a range of functional tests and programmes, selecting those most suitable for your specific health condition, symptoms and personal goals.


I provide 1-1 consultations from my comfortable home clinic in north-west London, or via online meetings. During our consultations, we will go through every element of your nutrition and lifestyle, including your medical history, aiming to find the factors holding you back from becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. I also offer online group programmes and workshops.


Tracy Tredoux




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