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Susie Alderson

I am a registered Nutrition and wellbeing specialist who focuses on working with women who are so busy juggling families, careers and a hundred other daily tasks that their own health and wellbeing comes at the bottom of the list.

I have a particular interest in optimizing cognitive health and avoiding degenerative diseases, particularly dementia, which almost seem inevitable.  But diet and lifestyle changes now can impact the future so I want to support you to adopt a diet and lifestyle which can take you through to a healthy old age.  What we do in our 40’s and 50’s and even earlier can impact our brains and our future cognitive health.  


I have a friendly and realistic approach, getting to know you in order to ensure the best health programme to meet your needs and lifestyle. Reflexology combined with a nutrition programme is particularly powerful for enhanced detoxification and combating the effects of a stressful life, and with a background in Psychology I use this to coach you to implement long term healthy habits.

Susie Alderson


    07762 138356


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