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Sarah Grant

If you are ready to re-energise your mind and body and enjoy life more fully, without anxieties about food, I can help you.


I have a special interest in supporting women who struggle with mood imbalances, fatigue, gut health concerns, or unhelpful habits that are impacting their health and emotional wellbeing, such as emotional eating.


With more than eight years' experience in this field, my inspirational approach brings together nutrition with wellbeing coaching and intuitive eating to transform how you think about food, what you choose to eat, and how you care for your body.


Please talk to me if you’re ready to:

- reclaim your mood, energy and focus naturally and feel revitalised, mind and body
- build your vitality and resilience to stress
- reconnect with a peaceful, mindful relationship with food
- start taking more effective action in the areas that are important to you in creating the healthy vibrant life you really want
- feel more at peace with your body
- rebalance and optimise your gut health


I also offer the latest in clinical testing in order to help my clients ascertain a deeper understanding of their health status and unique nutritional needs, unlock the secrets in their microbiome and genetic code, and identify food sensitivities.


Why choose me as your coach?

I offer a range of personalised programmes with a unique blend of nutritional science and coaching support to best fulfil my clients' physiological and psychological needs whilst working on their health and wellbeing.


Dedicated to your success, I’m the friendly motivator and qualified professional you need to inspire you and to make lasting, fulfilling changes to your eating habits and self-care.


Whether working remotely with a client or seeing them in person, I always aspire to create a compassionate and inspiring space for self-discovery.


Having suffered with gut issues for years before discovering the power of nutritional therapy, I have a special interest in the role our unique gastrointestinal systems play in our physical and mental health, mood and emotions.


I work with a small number of clients in a highly personalised way, whom I see through my virtual clinic (online or via Skype) or at my consultation rooms near Virginia Water, serving Egham, Windsor, Ascot and the surrounding areas in Surrey and Berkshire.


Sarah Grant


    0203 488 0890

    07974 221994



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