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Pam Clark

I'm Pam, a Nutritional Therapist utterly committed to supporting my clients to make manageable, consistent and sustainable diet and lifestyle change in order that they can live their most vibrant life. 


As a former Palliative Care Nurse Specialist and Educator I've seen the devastating impact of chronic ill-health; this is a powerful driver for me to reach out and support people BEFORE they become chronically unwell; using personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice to help navigate the maze that is modern living. 


Although I work with a range of clients, I am particularly passionate about supporting busy professional Women who find themselves battling with hormone havoc, having to adapt their lives to accommodate uncomfortable gut issues, exhausted, forgetful and desperately trying to shed those mysterious peri-menopause pounds. I love travelling alongside my client as we gently but assuredly understand and manage the root cause of these symptoms and discover the wonderful, healthful Women lying within. Having been on my own health journey, I'm only too aware of the pitfalls of trying to fly solo - fear not, help is on hand! 


Nurture Nutrition offers highly empathic, gentle support and coaching that allows your health concerns to be truly heard and acknowledged. I feel strongly that there is no room for brute-force or negativity within my practice. I offer 12-week personalised programmes, online group programmes, and corporate wellness packages, all of which is accessible via Zoom or in person in my Worcestershire clinic.  

Pam Clark


    07916 688281


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