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Nuria Rodriguez

Are you feeling signs of ageing? Aches and pains, poor digestion, extra weight difficult to shift, hormones in havoc, anxiety, brain fog, excessive forgetfulness, skin problems, chronic conditions?


I’m Nuria, and I'm committed to supporting you in your path to well-being with nutritional therapy and health coaching. I work with women and men who want to stay younger for longer. My mission is to help people like you to transform how you eat to stay well for longer and live happier. I have felt the transformation myself.


I’ve been there before and I feel your pain. My experience and knowledge have helped me to manage my conditions and, when needed, to liaise with doctors and other health professionals confidently and professionally. Now I help people like you to make the necessary eating and lifestyle changes to manage signs of ageing, improve your physical and brain performance, support your health, and make you feel great.


Normally, you'll be working with me over a minimum period of 12 weeks, in order to work through a new eating & lifestyle programme that will address any potential nutritional imbalances. I will be there along the way with tools to help you successfully implement and maintain changes in your eating habits and lifestyle.


Nuria Rodriguez

  • 07384 747738




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