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Nissa Dewshi

Hi, my name is Nissa and I'm a qualified and accredited Nutritionist and Naturopathic Therapist, specialising in gut health and histamine intolerance.


I help women identify the root cause of their food intolerances and chronic digestive symptoms. I also support women who may have a histamine intolerance or are experiencing unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety in addition to hormonal and digestive imbalance to uncover the root cause so they no longer feel confused, overwhelmed and alone.


I believe it is important to address the person as a whole and have a holistic approach that integrates the mind body connection. As women it is important to make self-care a priority, and I encourage my clients to develop compassion for themselves, reduce stress and overwhelm which prevents the physical body and the gut from healing.


I understand every client is unique, therefore work to create individual plans to help restore, heal and achieve optimum health and balance within the body.


My mission is for my clients to develop a healthy relationship with food and remove the feeling of fear and restriction, so they can start to nourish their body and heal their gut.


As a therapist I work intuitively and aim to develop a supportive relationship with each client. I feel it is my role to guide my clients with the right knowledge and tools so they can develop a better understanding of their body and make empowered changes to their well being into the long term.


My Journey:


I have also experienced chronic digestive complaints, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety and histamine intolerance and have been on a healing journey where I learned how to best nourish my body. With patience and commitment I was able to address the root cause of my histamine intolerance. Through supporting my gut and managing my stress and emotions, I was able to find a new energy and transformative sense of wellbeing. I strive to achieve this with each client.


I understand the frustration and confusion that can occur from not getting the results you want and I am passionate to support women who feel confused, alone and frustrated, and share my knowledge, research and tools so they can start to see changes that enable them to transform their health and feel themselves again.


Contact me if you would like support and guidance on your health journey of self-discovery and growth so you can step up into your best selves and lead a life full of purpose and vitality.


Nissa Dewshi

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