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Natasha Brice

I adopt a functional medicine approach. I do not treat the disease; I treat the whole person and I passionately believe in the healing power of food. There are many drivers in chronic diseases: diet, toxins, pathogens, stress, lifestyle and environment. Often, it's a combination of all of these things that leads to a chronic health condition and it takes a treatment plan addressing all of them to reclaim optimal health.


Your genetic make-up is not the be-all and end-all; even if you have the genetic predisposition to a chronic disease, it doesn't mean you can't take a different path. 


I am a fully qualified clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist. I have a special interest in autoimmune diseases; indeed I have personal experience of what it takes to overcome one of the most common conditions that affect so many. I also specialise in ageing diseases including autoimmune diseases, women's health and gut health. I use a combination of functional, natural, integrative, and personalised naturopathic nutritional therapy to help my clients feel at their absolute best. My approach helps the body find balance and the way back to optimal health.

Natasha Brice

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