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Lisa Fouladi

Hi, I am Lisa Fouladi and I am a functional nutritionist. I love what I do! I help clients to break free from low energy, pain and long-term health and weight issues so that they can enjoy the freedom that good and vibrant health provides – I have the best job in the World!


When people ask me what I do, I tell them:

‘I help you feel better through nutrition so that you can enjoy fulfilling, vibrant lives and have the energy that you could only dream about’

But what I really want to say is:

‘I show people how to eat to achieve their health goals, eating delicious real food which makes healthy eating feel like a guilty pleasure.’


BUT what I really, really want to say is:

‘I am committed to achieving breakthroughs for each of my clients. What this means is that I listen and watch summits, conferences and webinars, get lost on Pubmed doing research on client health and nutrition issues, binge read health, nutrition, and food blogs, journal articles from various scholarly academic journals, and pour this information into practical action plans for my clients so they can achieve the health and energy of their dreams. I am an eternal student (aka mega nutrition nerd) and have an insatiable curiosity to use this information to help people.’


What makes me special? You may think I would discuss my education, and hands-on work with clients. You might also think I’m special because I am a passionate Functional Nutrition practitioner and I love to research and uncover the root cause of health issues in order for my clients to feel better. That’s not where I’m going.


What makes me special is that I truly care. I’ve seen so much suffering in my work with clients and within my own family and in the world. I’ve experienced the pain of not knowing how to help someone in desperate need, wondering why pain, illness and unhappiness occur. This has confirmed me as a compassionate care-giver. My days often consist of 15 to 18 hours of work and research, day in, day out. I will stop at nothing when researching a particular client case to get to the root cause(s), which are often complex and multi-factorial. I then translate this into practical solutions and support my clients through every step of the implementation process. I see the whole picture and believe fully in the amazing ability of our bodies to return to balance and optimum functioning. As I said, I have the BEST job in the World!

Lisa Fouladi


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