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Lianne Sims

Hi I'm Lianne. I am a registered Nutritional Therapist at Food Route Nutrition.

Many of my clients are 40+ and juggling busy stressful lives, which often has an impact on their health, digestion and symptoms of stress. There comes a time when they feel their energy, well being and vitality diminishing with their stress levels and waistlines


I educate, motivate, and coach my clients to make better food choices and to help them achieve their health goals. I passionately believe our health can be compromised by the food we eat, and how efficiently the nutrients are absorbed and processed by the body.

Our body systems are all linked. The functional status of these systems and their inter connections are key areas to be addressed when enhancing health

It is often difficult to break habits of a lifetime and replace them with healthy new ones. Changing things step by step is often the best way. As a health coach I have the tools to motivate and support you through these steps, helping you break down any barriers you may experience along the way.

Functional testing and supplements are available.

Lianne Sims

    0798 405 1800

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