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Laura Douglas

Hello, my name is Laura Douglas and I love and am passionate about what I do!

I work with busy, fatigued mums who, more often than not, find that looking after themselves is at the bottom of their own priority list. This is common for us mums, busy running around after the children, holding down a job and looking after the house. When do we really get to think about, let alone look after ourselves?

The answer is NOW! You are the centre, the glue holding your family together. If you are ill, who will look after the children, the house, the meals? It is of great importance that you start to realise the importance of looking after yourself; make it a priority. In doing so, I have no doubt it will start to benefit the whole family.

You can't change your health overnight. However, with nutrition and lifestyle support from me, combined with other natural therapies, I can help you start to feel better one day at a time. This is very achievable, however most people require guidance and support. I would love to help you!

Laura Douglas

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