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Juliana Alexander

Hi, my name is Juliana and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach. I help people live happier, healthier lives by giving you the tools you need to think, feel, and perform better.


I can help you learn what your individual eating habits should look like in order to fully optimise the health of your body and brain. By applying evidence-based principles of nutrition and neuroscience, I’ll help you to get back on track so you can thrive at work, school, and in life.


Nutrition for brain health is relevant to everyone, and mental wellbeing and resilience is important for parents, children, and young adults. I can help you make the right food choices and lifestyle changes to correct any nutrient deficiencies and help you become your best self.


The truth is, we are all different and biochemically unique. As such, your body has different needs. I work with you to create a nutrition plan that is tailored to your needs, your way of life and your goals. Whether that involves weight loss, reducing stress (work/exam), reducing anxiety or whatever your goal might be. 


We know that healthy eating feeds the body and enables us to function effectively, but so do our thoughts – that is why neuroscience, coaching, and nutrition combined achieve the best results. Optimise your learning, concentration, focus, memory, and behaviour through Nutrition!

Juliana Alexander

  • 07971 923773



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