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Jazz McPhail

Hello! I'm Jazz, a registered Nutritional Therapist and Pharmacist. I was introduced to the healing power of natural remedies from an early age. My mum's wisdom guided me to use fresh mint tea for nausea, fennel seeds for stomach upsets and honey with lemon for sore throats. Embracing the flavours of spices and herbs in cooking, I developed a deep appreciation for the profound impact of food and herbs on our well-being. This curiosity fuelled my desire to learn more about how our bodies worked and interacted with food and medicines (many of which originated from plants e.g. aspirin), which led me to study pharmacy. 


In my early thirties, I experienced a challenging time marked by bereavement, which triggered anxiety, stress and hormone imbalances. Exploring natural methods including functional testing, dietary adjustments, functional foods, quality supplements, and counselling, I successfully addressed imbalances contributing to my health challenges. 


Additionally, throughout my career as a hospital pharmacist, I observed the limitations of our current healthcare system in addressing root causes of diseases and illnesses. Witnessing individuals' health struggles persist despite various prescribed medications, I realised I wanted a different approach - one that incorporated the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle measures in enhancing health. This led me to attain a diploma in naturopathic nutrition, becoming a certified nutritional therapist. As a 'Nutrition and Lifestyle Pharmacist,' I blend clinical pharmacy expertise with personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions, offering a holistic approach for those seeking answers beyond conventional medicine. If you've faced frustration with standard approaches or aim to thrive beyond medication, I invite you to connect with me.

Jazz McPhail

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