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Fiona Hayers
  • Do you feel constantly tired or ache all over?
  • Are you finding it hard to shift tummy fat?
  • Are you moody, irritable or suffering from brain fog?
  • Are you having difficulty getting to sleep or can't stay asleep?


This is how you can feel when your hormones are out of balance. My name is Fiona and I am a registered nutritional therapist, health coach and founder of Nourish From Within. I help people take back control of their mood, weight and energy by balancing their hormones.


From personal experience I know how the demands of a busy career, growing family and aging parents can take priority over your own health & wellbeing leaving you feeling frazzled, exhausted and a shell of your former self. I worked in investment banking for over 10 years in London and Sydney, had a high risk pregnancy, gave birth to 2 children, lost both parents in their 50s & 60s and became perimenopausal in my early 40s before recognising I needed support to change the path my health was travelling in.


I am so thankful I made that first call to a nutritional therapist, it totally changed my health, life and my career!


Believe me, as a total sugar addict, I know it's hard but with my support and health coaching, you too can make small, incremental and personalised changes to become stronger, more resilient and in control of your hormones and regain the fun loving, energetic and happy YOU.


I really enjoy working with teenagers through to goldenagers, specialising in female hormonal health from puberty to perimenopause & postmenopause. As a mum of 2 teenage girls I am particularly passionate about helping young adults start on a healthy hormonal journey by empowering them to make good choices for their own body and  lifestyle requirements.


I offer a selection of packages structured to provide differing levels of support that fit with your lifestyle and budget. I also offer a range of functional tests including food intolerance, hormone health and nutrigenomics testing.


I practise in East Horsley, Surrey and I run a clinic at Luck's Yard, Godalming where clients can receive chiropractic & massage treatments to further support their health goals.


Would you like your daughter to follow a different hormonal path to you? Or are you stuck on your own hormone roller coaster?


Start your path to hormone health today by booking a free Hormone Health Review by clicking here or contact me using the details opposite as I would love to help you transform your health.

Fiona Hayers

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