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Emma Jamieson

Hi, I’m Emma, and my passion is helping women suffering from IBS, bloating, pain and other unwanted digestive issues.


Why digestive health? Because I know from experience the feeling of being doubled over in pain every evening. How it feels to look six months' pregnant by the end of the day due to bloating. I felt that I was trapped in a body that was working against me and was suspicious of everything I ate and drank in case that was ‘the thing’. I was given a label by the GP - IBS - and told there was nothing that could be done. Sound familiar?


Fast forward several years and I have helped myself and other women find freedom from their symptoms. My deep understanding of our amazing digestive system and the various factors in play that cause IBS and other gut-related conditions means that my approach is no longer one of eliminating food groups. Instead I focus on healing the gut through simple food and lifestyle changes – increasing the variety of foods consumed rather than restricting them – having witnessed first hand what a powerful tool nutrition can be. 


I would love to support you on your journey back to health and help you rediscover the joy of eating.

Emma Jamieson




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