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Catherine McClory

Hi, I’m Catherine, a Nutritional Therapist specialising in nutrition for menstrual cycle support.


I work with women in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s who are experiencing period problems, with symptoms such as bloating, cramping, PMS and debilitating fatigue. I challenge the perception that these are normal ‘women’s problems’ that we have to just put up with each month.


I help women navigate their monthly cycles, regain control of their hormonal balance, and step off the emotional rollercoaster.


I do this by empowering my clients with the knowledge to ‘fix their period’, using simple and natural evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and providing delicious recipe suggestions. I also provide health coaching to give my clients space to feel heard and validated.


I have a special interest in: PMS/ PMDD, PCOS, Endometriosis, and supporting women nutritionally, whilst on /coming off hormonal contraception.


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Catherine McClory

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