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Catherine Lai

Hi, I'm Cat Lai and I'm an accredited Health Coach and Natural Health specialist who guides, supports and empowers my clients to reclaim their vision of what a healthy life should be. 


I work with people to explore their health ambitions, identify achievable goals and embed new habits that enhance their lifestyles and protect their health.


** Spolier alert! **

None of my programmes require deprivation, hunger or exhaustive, restrictive regimes. Think mouth-watering, nourishing foods, exercise that is worth getting out of bed for and relaxation techniques that fit seamlessly into your new lifestyle. 




None of what I do is theory but based upon personal lessons learned from my 30-year career in international leadership roles and the 'crash and burn' health incidents that initially came with it. Whilst meeting every work deadline and managing to find the school uniform every morning, I also managed to completely overlook my health. It was the wake up call I needed and I took steps to re-prioritise my life and educate myself to achieve healthful, embedded habits. 


I followed my curiosity and explored many modes of health repair and augmentation. I've studied the science and the philosophy that offers the path to wellbeing... and I can't wait to share my knowledge with you!


Catherine Lai

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