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Aurea Fellows

Are you looking to maximise your energy for life?

If you’re a busy professional, stressed and tired from juggling life’s many demands, feeling less able to enjoy life and worried about your future health, you’re not alone. Perhaps you’ve experienced less energy recently, felt less able to concentrate and focus, or put on a few extra pounds. Maybe you’re confused by too much information or conflicting advice. You’re not sure of the right thing to do and you’ve no time to find out - it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m Aurea Fellows, a nutritional therapist and business psychologist. I would love to help you revitalise the way you nourish your body and uncover the food and lifestyle choices that will make you feel healthy, happy and productive both now and in years to come. I know the stress of balancing a demanding career with family life and not feeling in control of your own health and wellbeing. I now use a combination of nutritional expertise and psychological coaching to help busy professionals take back control and get what they want from life - even if they are short on time and energy or don’t know where to start. I do this by taking away the stress and confusion with easy-to-follow, practical solutions, specific to their needs. I motivate and support them with coaching to make sustainable changes to diet and lifestyle, and embed healthy habits so that they feel empowered, energised and able to face the challenges that come their way.

I have a range of programmes which are all designed to provide individualised support to help clients achieve their health goals. I work to understand clients’ current concerns, to develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to them and then we work together to explore and refine the best approach for them. By providing a complete solution that enables individuals to stay motivated and committed to what they want to achieve they are able to achieve great results.


Aurea Fellows

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