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Antonia Maguire

I’m Antonia - Naturopath, Nutritionist and Health Coach. I work with men and woman in their 40’s and 50’s who seek health and happiness through their relationship with food, in a natural, sustainable and stress-free way. Working to all of your strengths, I can help you find long term healthful solutions to unwanted weight gain, poor energy levels, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, the effects of stress, poor self esteem and more.


We are the sum of our habits and working from home during lockdown has seen many people become trapped by unwanted habits and poor coping mechanisms, such as increased alcohol and constant snacking. Poor eating habits contribute to all areas of ill health, from low immunity to premature ageing, so if you feel your diet could do with an overhaul, book in for my Free Health and Energy Assessment today.


I’ve been working in this field for 19 years, after leaving a highly stressful job in the media and I now work with lots of companies to bring vitality to Corporate Wellness initiatives. My talks and workshops are fun and informative, packed with nutrition tips, useful information and easy recipes. I also run Corporate Health Programmes and challenges, which are great for keeping people motivated.


Right now you can choose from a variety of subjects such as Nutrition for Immune Support, Better Mental Health, Healthy Digestion, Better Energy and Nutrition for Happy Hormones, all of which come with a recipe pack. Or why not run your own Supercharge your Health programme for colleagues to help them better cope with the effects of this pandemic? Get in touch for a chat about what your company needs most right now.


All info, along with my fantastic on-line recipe blog, can be found at I look forward to hearing from you !

Antonia Maguire


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