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Antje Kicinski

I’m Antje Kicinski, a registered nutritional therapist and coach with a focus on thyroid health and autoimmune disorders.  My clients come to me feeling they have lost their edge.  They are exhausted beyond their age while sleep eludes them, their brain is letting them down leaving them feeling stressed all the time and they seem unable to beat their cravings and shift their weight.


I walked a similar path to you and want you to know that you are not alone. I help my clients regain their energy by helping them understand what food and lifestyle can do for them.  My personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme is informed by scientific, evidence based research and gives you the support and motivation you need.


You can feel in charge of your life again, with a sharp mind and the energy you need to enjoy life and be at the top of your game again.

Antje Kicinski


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