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Annabel Arkwright

Having spent many years trying to juggle the demands of family life and the demands of a stressful career in the corporate world, I realised my health was suffering and took the decision to requalify.  In 2005 I started operating as a freelance personal trainer and sports massage therapist.  I then decided to focus on weight management, and, not long afterwards, became a Zest4life weight loss coach and nutritional advisor.


I am passionate about the benefits of diet and exercise in our quest for health.  I have witnessed first hand the ravages that stress can wreak on our health and conversely witnessed how diet can really improve our well being.


I have had experience of working with all age groups, both male and female, from teenage to 90 years old and offer one-to-one coaching and small group classes.  I believe in a rounded approach to weight management and, where appropriate, I like to offer a package of diet (low-GL zest4life), exercise, postural alignment and stretching to achieve maximum health benefits.


I have a particular interest in emotional eating or eating dysfunctions associated with stress or mild depression.

Annabel Arkwright

    07884 497828

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