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Angie Ash

I'm Angie, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist. I support women to transform their health from chronic exhaustion to effortless energy! Having personally experienced the devastating effects of chronic ill health with CFS, Lyme, cancer and autoimmune hypothyroidism it has become my passion to help others to recover and overcome the seemingly endless brick walls to recovery. I see clients nationally and internationally in online consultations.


  • Have you watched your life shrink; hobbies, socialising, work life, relationships, finances just fall by the wayside as the day to day basics feel like more and more of an uphill battle?
  • Are you always exhausted and sleep just isn’t sorting it?
  • Do you have to cajole and nag yourself just to get through the day?
  • Do you collect diagnoses without ever achieving a solution to your health issues?
  • Can you remember the last time you actually felt well and vibrant?


I can support you to find the root causes of your underlying health issues and use diet and lifestyle changes to achieve better health, vitality and enable you to live your life with a balanced approach.


Wake up each morning feeling ready to take on the day, without the boom and bust that often accompanies chronic health conditions.

Angie Ash

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