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Amanda Sarjant

I’m a registered nutritional therapist and health coach with an in-depth knowledge of how the right foods can have powerful effects on your body and well-being.   


I suffered from various health issues during my twenties and this led to my interest in health, nutrition, and wellbeing. Throughout my adult life, my drive has always been to help others, whether it's looking after my family, helping friends, or improving lives as a nutritional therapist. 


As a nutritional therapist I really do live what I preach. I'm a working mum to four children and two dogs, I understand that life can be tough and busy, and taking care of yourself sometimes goes to the back of the queue. I know that, in order to make any changes last, they need to be simple.  So, I will not give you a complicated dietary plan or long shopping lists, instead I will HELP and SUPPORT you to slot simple changes into your life for good, ensuring a happier you for the long term!


Amanda Sarjant




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