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Are you going sober for October?

Sara Handford

With the stresses that life brings, it’s so easy to grab that bottle of wine in the fridge and before we know it we’re drinking every night. Taking a break from drinking is a great way to give your body and mind a break from alcohol, and it has so many benefits. These are the things you will start to notice:-

· A better nights sleep – alcohol can disrupt your sleep patterns leaving your sleep to be of a lower quality.

· More energy – hang-over free will leave you starting the day refreshed with more energy.

· Weight loss – alcoholic drinks are high in empty calories and adding these empty calories on top of your daily intake can make it difficult to maintain or lose weight.

· Increased ability to fight off illness – alcohol can lower your immune health, making you more prone to colds, flu and viruses.

· More control over your emotions – alcohol can contribute to depression and anxiety.

· Save money – buying a couple of bottles of wine each week adds up, so you’ll be saving yourself money.

So if you would like some ideas as to what to drink instead, I’ve listed below some alcohol free ideas as well as some low alcohol alternatives for those that would prefer that route. I haven’t tried them all but would love to know your thoughts on them. Cheers!



Wild Life Botanicals sparkling wine

Botonique sparkling wine

Thomson and Scott AF sparkling wine

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Alcohol-Free Riesling

Rawsons Retreat sparkling alcohol free wine

Eisberg alcohol free wine

Lindemans alcohol free wine

Artis AF wine

Torres Natureo de-alcoholised red wine

Free alcohol removed Merlot

Ariel AF cabernet Sauvignon

McGuigon Zero Shiraz


Seedlip alcohol free spirits

Ceders non alcoholic gin

Sea Arch non alcoholic spirit

Caleno non alcoholic spirit

Pentire non alcoholic spirit


Binary Botanical AF beer

Clausthaler alcohol free beer

Erdinger alcohol free beer

Big Drop Brew alcohol free beer

Peroni alcohol free

San Miguel alcohol free

Adnams Ghostship beer

Lucky saint AF beer

Crafty Nectar AF cider

Brookly special effects AF lager

Brewdog AF beer

Heineken AF beer


Aecorn – non alcoholic bitter aperitifs

Low alcohol cocktail recipes

Soft Drinks

Tame and wild soft sparkling drinks

Sparkling waters

Bionas tart cherry juice or pomegranate juice topped with sparkling water

Fee Brother bitters and waters

Punchy alcohol free punch


Kefir water

Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea


Nix and Kix sparkling drink

Dash sparkling flavoured water

Cloudwater flavoured sodas

Cider Vinegar based drinks

Other places to buy from

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