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Offers & What's on

Take a look at what's on and some latest offers from our Nutritionists! 


50% discount!

Use code ZEST50 for an exclusive 50% discount on the Fertility Warrior online programme.

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2 for 1 offer
Lose Weight, Feel Great
With Zest Associate Louisa Cooling

Limited time early bird 2 for 1 offer.

10 Day trial for
just £1!

If you want to reach your happy weight + get healthy, test drive the Be Fabulous monthly membership for only £1 for 10 days. 

The lifestyle diet I teach in this programme is the exact same system I use when working with my private clients. It’s one designed to balance your energy levels so you feel full, you’re not craving foods that don’t love your body (leaving you to beat yourself up afterwards) and we’re going to combine this energy balancing diet with lifestyle coaching so your whole life works - and the answer doesn't look like the chocolate biscuits.

Fertility Warrior
Get your body pregnancy

Online programme

Standard price: £195

What's on

With Zest Associate Karen Swindall
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