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Zest Associate Nutritionist:

Sylvia Salvendy

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" Zest has transformed my business completely - marvellous training and support, and my business has thrived because of it"

Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Janet Padfield

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"Thanks to Zest, I have landed 7 bookings from my last 8 discovery calls, and 4 have booked my middle package!"

Zest Associate Nutritionist:

Pam Clark

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"Oh my days!...Literally just sold my first top package, and they've asked for more! Thank you Zest for all you offer."


Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Richard Owden

“Becoming a Zest4Life Associate and a Health Coach has allowed me to expand my business and to take my Nutritional Therapy practice to another level. My journey with Zest4Life has beenone of much personal discovery, of implementing new ideas and of dismantling obstacles that had previously held me back.


Being on the receiving end of the Zest4Life team's brilliant business ideas has presented me with a raft of great opportunities to explore and to take advantage of. Today, with earnings from client packages alone now regularly exceeding my pre-Zest4Life net income target in a monthand other business opportinities and income streams in the pipe-line, my business is thriving and developing in directions I would never have believed or thought possible.”

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Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Georgina Graham

"After joining Zest4life I have got my Zest4work back! Since having two children my career has taken a backseat,

but no more! When I first joined zest I was shown how to make up programmes of 6 weeks for clients to buy instead of going from one consultation to the other and always having to get new clients and never really knowing what you were going to earn and when. I found this a challenge to set up but once I took the plunge and just got on with it, it was easier than I thought.


soon got my first enquiry and low and behold the lady ended up buying my middle programme. I couldn't believe it...I got off the phone and danced around the house! Since then, in the last 2 weeks I have sold 2 middle programmes, 1 top programme, 1 basic programme and a maintenance programme! But it is also lovely as I now feel a bigger part of client’s lives and their journey to health. I am able to give them the time they need without rushing. So I just wanted to spread the word to you all out there!”

Zest Associate Nutritionist:

Audrey Archambault

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“My client went for the £950 package! Initial consultation done with a few new coaching techniques applied! I meant to say a huge thank you because it’s clearly thanks to your precious help!”

Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Sarah Grant

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" The development of my own coaching skill set has really added a whole new dimension to my offering and allowed me to both create both higher level packages, and deliver them with confidence to my clients."

Zest Associate Nutritionist:

Giulietta Durante

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" The courses are absolutely brilliant, Zest Associate membership is probably the best money I have spent on the business to date. The coaching is superb".

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Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Debbie Gallimore

"Zest has been invaluable to me and the success of my business over the last 6 years. I had the ambition, drive & confidence in my own ability but lacked direction and business acumen. Starting a business from scratch is the most rewarding but nerve wracking experience and can feel overwhelming.


The team at Zest and the support from my coach Ann ,gave me the tools, direction and planning support needed to grow my business from a £500 a month start point to a profitable business which continues to grow whilst able to continue to have the home/work life balance I require.


For me, Zest has been the changing point in my career. We have a close community and a supportive group via Facebook so you never feel alone on your hardest days and celebrate success on your best! The best decision I made and can't recommend Zest enough!"

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Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Nichola Flood

" I have been with Zest4life since I started my business 3 years ago and it is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The support, coaching and guidance have really helped me to build my business and prevented me from making mistakes as a start up. The client materials and coaching tools which are readily available to zest4life members have really saved me a lot of time and effort and allowed me the time to focus on building my business. Each year I continue to be supported and coached whilst my business continues to grow. "

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Zest Associate Nutritionist: Lisa Fenelon

"One of the main attractions of being a member of Zest4Life is the support you get from both the mentors and from your fellow members who are always there to offer advice. Starting your own business can be exciting yet sometimes overwhelming when you start to list out all the things you need to do to initially get yourself up and running. Having someone to guide and motivate you is invaluable.


The Zest4Life team bring years of experience and they understand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing yourself and your services in the health industry. They help you focus and prioritise what is important to you and at a pace that fits into your life. Having access to the vast marketing resources is a huge bonus, everything is very professionally designed and would normally take forever if you were to design them yourself!


They provide continuous support through training materials, live webinars and business development days which are so important to keep you focused. I would highly recommend joining zest4Life for anyone starting out on their own, it can sometimes be a lonely path working for yourself so having the back up of experts and others in your industry is very reassuring."


Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Caroline O’Neill

"I am certain my business would not be where it is today without the support and guidance that I have received ever since joining Z4L. I now have easy access to really top class resources which I regularly use with my clients. Most of all, being part of this team means I quickly gained confidence to know I am doing the best thing for my clients."


Zest Associate Nutritionist: 

Jill Dempsey

"Zest4life was the ideal link between graduating from the Institute of Health Sciences and setting up my own business, New Vitality- Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching. My dilemma was how to translate my qualifications into a fulfilling, prosperous nutrition business. Being a member of the Business Growth Programme is providing all the answers! All the coaching and professional client materials I need are readily available. This is saving a phenomenal amount of time on a daily basis.


Zest4Life is now the backbone of my business and my own professional development, with the constant support of the inspiring and efficient zest4Life Coaching Team. This allows time to concentrate on my real passion; helping clients and I am equipped with cutting edge materials exuding professional polish. As a qualified coach myself, I totally appreciate the value of being coached by experts. It's a win-win situation all round!"

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