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What is

Health Coaching?

Experience Real Transformation 


One of the things that makes our Gold Associate Member Nutritionists extra skilled at supporting clients is that they are also trained in health coaching skills. Sometimes it’s hard for clients to remain motivated by their health goals, and therefore they don’t always stick to the plan and get the results they seek. Our Gold Associate Members are skilled in working with your mindset, which is a vital part of any behaviour change and for clients to experience real transformations.

Unlock your true potential for 'Optimum Health'


It can be really difficult to change habits long-term, and lifestyle and nutrition habits in particular can often be deeply entrenched, linked to many different emotions and other hidden barriers to success. Our Nutritionists use health coaching skills and tools to work with a client’s mindset, behaviour and key motivators (as well as physical symptoms) to get to the root cause of any negative behaviour or mindset issues that may be holding them back. By combining nutrition plans with coaching, they are able to help clients unlock their true potential and achieve anything they want for themselves – including 'Optimum Health'.

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