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Zara Watt

What if midlife could be your best life?

Are your out-of-control hormones taking over your life? Are you experiencing any or all of the following?

• Changes to your menstrual cycle

• Disturbed sleep

• Brain fog

• Hormonal headaches

• Mood swings

• Low confidence

• Poor memory

• Crippling anxiety

• Hot flushes


I speak to women every day who are struggling with some or all of the above, and many of them believe this is just part of being a woman and they just need to put up with it. I want you all to know that is not the case.


I work with my clients over a number of weeks to discover and address the root cause of those symptoms. Learn how to balance your hormones in the most natural way possible using nutrition, functional testing (if necessary), supplements and lifestyle strategies, and get on with living your life! 


It’s time to put you first.

Zara Watt

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