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Sophie Higgins

Hi, I'm Sophie, and I am passionate about helping and supporting busy professionals to get back on the path to feeling great again!


And why am I so passionate about working with and supporting busy people? Because this is exactly where I myself have come from!


Prior to qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist, I spent 10 years working in management consultancy and business development in London. I worked hard, partied even harder, had extremely stressful jobs with ridiculously long working hours, and lived life at a pace that, for me, was just not sustainable. My health deteriorated, I was burnt-out, digestion was all over the place, I hardly slept, anxiety was through the roof, my skin looked grey and worn out, and quite frankly, I was not a very nice person to be around. 


After working with a Nutritional Therapist and embarking on my own health and wellness journey I decided to re-train in the field that I had now become totally passionate about, so that I could help and support people who were struggling with the same issues I had struggled with. So almost 7 years on, I am on a mission to empower busy people to take back control of their health and re-establish their place firmly at the top of the priority list - exactly where you deserve to be!


I am dedicated to helping busy people get back to feeling great again, because I know first-hand that it is absolutely possible, and not just possible, but sustainable and maintainable!


So if you're sick of feeling tired, low-energy, burnt-out, stressed, and frazzled, and you're ready to take back control of your health, then simply get in touch to begin your 'FEEL GREAT AGAIN' journey today!

Sophie Higgins

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