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Ruchi Bhuwania Lohia

Hi I am Ruchi, founder of Wellness with Ruchi and a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist.


I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you reach your full potential and live a vibrant, fulfilling life at every life stage. My mission is to empower you to age healthily through a personalised, science-backed and holistic approach that prioritises nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.


Prior to nutritional therapy, I spent 18 years working in a fast-paced career in Finance in London and understand that the demands of modern life can be overwhelming. That's why I believe in a holistic approach to health, which means addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your well-being, as they are intrinsically connected.


I am focused on uncovering the root cause of your symptoms and helping you reach your health goals. I work with male and female clients across a wide range of health conditions. My clients often face competing demands on their time, yet aspire to age healthily and elevate every walk of their lives, be it home, work or play.
I run an online and a physical London clinic. My clinical experience includes digestive health, cardiovascular health, metabolic imbalances, weight management, autoimmunity, hormonal imbalances, general well-being and health maintenance/ healthy ageing. Owing to my background, I also have a keen interest in boosting workplace wellbeing by improving sleep, energy and stress levels.


It would be my privilege to support you in your unique health journey.


Ruchi Bhuwania Lohia

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