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Nicola Cunningham

Hi, I am Nicola. Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire I run a successful clinic working with people like you who want to lose weight and maintain great health well into their futures.


I have found losing weight over the years a challenge. Like many, I tried slimming clubs and did lose weight, only to put it all back on along with a few extra pounds for good measure! It wasn't until I began to approach weight loss in a more holistic way by stepping away from the diet mentality to think about how I could eat well, always. I focused on adding in nutritious foods to my meals rather than taking away more and more from my plate whilst looking at stress management, hormone health and activity levels. It was only then that I found sustainable success with weight loss.


With my nutritional knowledge and 'can-do' attitude, I will cut through the jungle of information and noise about weight loss to clear a path that allows you to make decisions that drive good health. I will walk with you through the changes you need to make and, working without judgement of where you are in your life currently, I will guide you to a point where you both believe and see that you can finally lose the weight that is dragging you down.


My individually tailored plans are responsive to where you are right now with a view to where you want to be. I will work with you to create healthy, sustainable habits without a sense of missing out. This approach allows my clients, people just like you, to navigate weight loss comfortably now and for the long term.

Nicola Cunningham

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