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Marjorie Grice

My 30 years as a business owner in the wellness sector fuelled my passion for nutrition, but I am no stranger to health havoc having suffered with colitis, an autoimmune bowel disease. Modifying my diet and lifestyle supported my remission. My experience led me to graduate from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), with distinction, in midlife.


Balancing my studies whilst managing my own business around menopause, I became aware of the challenges and the power food and lifestyle provide during this phase of life. My mission is to educate midlife women on how diet and lifestyle empowers them to take control of their health and menopause symptoms. I now operate my online nutrition clinic Nourish Inside Out where I help exhausted women over 40 who are fed up being tired and anxious to banish brain fog, beat the bloat and feel revitalised with step-by-step food and lifestyle changes without being overwhelmed. I take a special interest in gut health and autoimmunity because of my own health journey.


How I work

I offer a one-off Nutrition Reboot as well as Nutritional Therapy Packages for a deeper dive into your health. The Midlife Vitality Pathway lies at the heart of my all my work. Drawing from my personal journey and clinical experience with autoimmune, gut health and navigating menopause, I developed this pathway as a proven method to ignite your midlife spark, and help you feel like yourself again.


The Midlife Vitality Pathway is a holistic approach grounded in functional medicine principles. It focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of your symptoms, aiming to restore digestive health, alleviate bloating, restore calm, and ultimately, help you reclaim your vitality.


There's no quick fix for true health, so many of my clients follow 12-week personalised packages. This ensures you get the outcomes you really want. Your health concerns are unique, and my recommendations are always tailored to you and your life. I keep them manageable without being restrictive. Coaching support helps overcome the obstacles stopping you achieve your health goals.


My clients say they feel empowered and have renewed energy, vitality and motivation that supports not just their health but their confidence.


Services I offer

The Midlife Nutrition Reboot is a tailored affordable nutritional strategy for women over 40. It includes a complete review of your eating and dietary habits, to assess your nutrient balance and support your health goals. This is for you if you want to

• Enhance your diet for your stage of life

• A food approach for menopause with or without HRT

• Clarity on what to eat for your phase of life 

• Understand simple impactful changes you can make 


The food diary analysis will reveal how you can make your day-to-day meals healthier with recommendations to increase nutrient status and understand what areas need extra attention. Take away a personalised nutrition strategy, designed to optimise your nutrient intake for your life phase and health concerns. You’ll receive specific nutrient and supplement advice so you can flourish in midlife, plus a flexible meal plan to get you started. £90.


Nutrition packages

These one-to-one highly personalised programmes offer different levels of support from a 6-week fast track to the popular Nourish 12-week package with 2 levels of contact and support. Through a proven process of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, gentle accountability, and mindset coaching, the programme guides you through each step of your health journey. This empowers you to make sustainable changes and achieve the health transformation you desire. From £360.


Book A Complimentary Midlife Review to discuss your best options.  

Marjorie Grice

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