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Jo Stoate

Hi, I'm Jo and based in Shaftesbury, north Dorset.

Midlife should not equate to poor health, with so much accepted as 'normal' in today's stressful world. Are asthma, eczema or allergies taking an emotional toll? Are you struggling to support your health or have you received 'normal' blood tests and still feeling unwell? Is being in constant survival mode placing limitations on daily life?

I can help you realise your health goals, and offer sensitive and personalised care. I have a special interest in asthma, eczema and allergies, and can help resolve other health challenges you are experiencing including fatigue, low energy, poor sleep, anxiety, poor digestion and hormone imbalance.

My approach adds rather than takes away, with nutrition, lifestyle and practical naturopathic techniques recommended that are enriching rather than restrictive. I believe it's never too late to prioritise your health.


I can work with you in Shaftesbury, or online.

Jo Stoate

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