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Clare Kennedy

Hello, I'm Clare and I specialise in helping women in midlife to regain control of their hormones, shift those stubborn pounds, regain their energy and feel the best they may have felt for years. 


My mission is to help women glide into menopause through education and inspiration around diet and lifestyle that is both personalised and evidenced based.

I offer a range of personalised programmes over a number of weeks using a combination of nutritional science and motivational coaching alongside a compassionate, sensible and down-to-earth approach, to ensure that you establish a healthy relationship with food and create meaningful lifestyle habits that empower you to feel energised and vibrant. I focus on the root cause of your concern and aim to work in collaboration with you to make lifestyle choices that are manageable and work for you.


Work with me and like many of my clients, you could also experience balanced hormones, feel re-energised, experience improved mood and focus as well as enjoy some weight loss, feel fitter and happier.


Put yourself at the top of your ‘to do’ list and start living your life!


Clare Kennedy

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