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Claire Coney

If you are feeling unwell, have a health condition or want a healthy future, I'd love to help. 


The key to success is understanding what is right for you and developing a personalised approach for eating which is sustainable for your health and well-being. I've helped individuals understand the root cause of their fatigue, digestive symptoms, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, disruptive hormones and then worked with them to heal the problem and estalbish a way of eating that helps you feel your best.


I love sharing my passion for nutrition at businesses, gyms and clubs - meeting people who want to know more about what and how to eat well. 


Before I trained to become a nutritionist, I worked in a demanding corporate career and struggled to eat properly. I now eat really well and feel better than ever before. I love running and gym classes and reading books about food and health. I live with my husband and have 2 grown-up sons. 

Claire Coney

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