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Anna-Kaisa Manolova

I specialise in helping people with gut health issues and stress, find balance and peace of mind. I believe that good health and a balanced gut are best achieved through addressing not only the body, but also the mind and even the spirit. My personalised whole-being approach combines optimal nutrition, exercise and rest, as well as stress release and mindset practices to nurture true wellbeing.


I became passionate about nutrition and wellbeing after a major change in my own lifestyle, first through diet and movement, and soon after through engaging in yoga and meditation practices. I felt so good that I decided to change my profession and become a nutrition expert, so that I can help others feel great also! What’s more, I find that my lifestyle now helps me also better handle the demands and stresses of our modern world, something that I know many struggle with. My mission is to help people achieve wellness and peace of mind on this ever-changing, stressful planet. 


Begin your health transformation journey by booking a free appointment with me.


Anna-Kaisa Manolova

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